Tech tools and simplicity

Software is not a house.  Software is the tool that helps you build a house.  It is not food; but a utensil to cut or stir or cook the food in.  Some of the best tools (and longest lasting ones) are simple ones.  Think: knife, fork, spoon, hoe, axe, etc.  Software’s no different; it has to be simple to see rapid adoption and sustained utilization.

This is top-of-mind for myself since I’ve been struggling with a couple pieces of software lately.  Quickbooks Online, while the mainstay of SMB SaaS accounting software, is increasingly frustrating to use.  The latest rendition seems an effort towards simplifying user experience, but I’m afraid they’ve made it more tedious. (Their rollout hasn’t been particularly stellar either).

Salesforce is another SaaS tool which troublesome.  Exhausting is the word that comes to mind. Happily, I came across Pipedrive.  Some may not agree, but I’ve found Pipedrive much simpler to use than Salesforce.  It attempts to accomplish a minimal set of functions – that of tracking leads and opportunities for salespeople throughout a sales lifecycle.

It’s important for me to experience this pain.  It provides me with examples of what not to do.